Welcome to Morningside Missionary Church
"Building Lives"
Thank you for your interest in Morningside Missionary Church.  We are located in the
Morningside community in Mt. Holly, North Carolina between the cities of Charlotte
and Gastonia.  We trust you will find helpful information about our church here on our
website.  We have included information about our History, our Beliefs, our Pastor, our
First Lady, our Worship Schedule, and much more.
If you still have questions after you have looked into this material, please send us an
email with your questions.  You have an open invitation to join us any time here at
Morningside, so come and let us extend a warm welcome to you.
Morningside Missionary Church is happy to offer van transportation to anyone who
would like to attend one of our worship services.  Please call the church office (704)
822-9142 to schedule a pickup time.
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Morningside Missionary Church
Apostle J. Leonard Ford
Founder and Pastor
10:00am - Adult Sunday School
10:00am - Youth Sunday School
11:00am - Morning Worship Service

7:00pm - Mid-Week Bible Study and
(Note:  Refer to the "News and Events" page for
additional meeting times)

Morningside Missionary Church
711 Morningside Drive
Mt. Holly, NC  28120
(704) 822-9142
711 Morningside Drive
(P.O. Box 1146)
Mt. Holly, NC  28120
(704) 822-9142
Morningside Missionary Church
Apostle J. Leonard Ford
Founder and Pastor